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Kira Panaya

Sporades Islands - Aegean - Greece

The hidden jewel in the Aegean crown. All with a unique character and relatively uncrowded. 24 islands with 5 inhabited and the 'deserted' islands National Marine Park
Distance from Volos - 40nm
Nearest to Greek mainland
GPS:39.10 N 23.99 E
Pilotage: Pages 81+ WACC
Skiathos International Airport

Skiathos Island - Sporades - Aegean

Skiathos is 12km long and 9km wide and has more than 60 beaches. It is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands whilst still preserving its traditional charm and heritage.
Distance from Volos - 50nm
Nearest to Greek mainland
GPS:39.07.40N 23.44.10E (Town)
Pilotage: Pages 81+ WACC

Skopelos Island - Sporades - Aegean

Skopelos is the largest of the Northern Sporades islands and it is known as the island of forests with 80% clad in pine forest that ends in bays, ports and beautiful beaches.
Distance from Volos - 60nm
Most easterly inhabited Island
GPS:39.08.53N 23.52.05E
Pilotage: Pages 113+ WACC
National Marine Park

Alonissos Island - Sporades - Aegean

Back to nature with a unique heritage of flora and fauna, a natural environment protected and enhanced by its inhabitants and providing access to the National Marine Park.
Distance from Volos - 85nm
25nm from Kimi on Evia
35nm from Patatiri on Alonissos
GPS:38.50.61N 24.32.14E (Town)
Pilotage: Pages 81+ WACC

Skyros Island - Sporades - Aegean

Skyros Island is the southernmost of the Sporades Islands. It is a small and picturesque island, with secluded beaches, crystal waters and little tourist development.
Volos City Port
Agria & Gatzea
Kala Nera & Afissos
Alatas Island
Prasoudha Island
Trikeri Island
Kotte Harbour

Pagasitikos (Volos) Gulf - Aegean - Greece

12 x 15 nm of crystal clear, warm, safe sea. With Volos City to the north, Mount Pelion to the east, the Evia channel to the south, mainland Greece to the west. From Volos going clockwise take a look around the Gulf.
Planitis Bay/Lagoon/Harbour
Kira Panayia 'Virgin Mary' Island
OR Pelagonisi (Pelagos)
OR Ancient Halonnesos
Northern Sporades Islands

Kira Panaya Island - Sporades - Aegean

This is the largest of the remote uninhabited islands. In the North we have Planitis lagoon bay and in the South Kira Panagia bays and the Monasteri on the East side.
Neo Klima or Elios
9 miles from Skiathos
Safe Harbour
Good services
Cashpoint machine
Supermarket & Bakery

Neo Klima - Skopelos - Sporades - Aegean

Neo Klima harbour offers shelter from all wind directions and during the summer months you can find electricity and water. There are several bars and tavernas from which to choose plus Supermarket and Bakery.
Distance from Skiathos - 12nm
Southern side of Alonissos
GPS: 39.10.15N & 22.53.53E
Pilotage: Pages 41/42 WACC

Steni Vala - Sporades - Aegean

Steni Vala is a small inlet, lying on the East coast of alonissos, opposite the uninhabited island of Peristera.
Distance from Volos - 15nm
Good harbour, south side
GPS: 39.09.22N 23.04.59E
Pilotage: Pages 54/55 WACC

Trikeri Island - Pagasitikos Gulf - Aegean

Paleo Trikeri Island is located in the southern part of the Pagasitikos (Volos) Gulf approx. 3hrs from Volos.
Distance from Volos - 16nm
Western side of Pagasitikos Gulf
GPS: 39.02.19N & 22.58.77E
Pilotage: Pages 60/61 WACC

Pigadhi - Pagasitikos Gulf - Aegean

The quiet, picturesque village of Pigadhi, lies on the southern tip of the Pagasitikos Gulf. The area Pteleos, in which it is situated, is mentioned in the Iliad.
Approximately 3 hours from Volos and 6 hours from Skiathos
Distance from Volos - 12nm
Western side of Pagasitikos Gulf
GPS: 39.10.15N & 22.53.53E
Pilotage: Pages 41/42 WACC

Amaliopolis - Pagasitikos Gulf - Aegean

This picturesque fishing village is situated in the Bay of Mitzellas on the Western side of the Pagasitikos Gulf
Distance from Volos - 15.5nm
Safe Anchorage, Western Side
GPS: 39.07.60N 22.55.50E
Pilotage: Pages 42/43 WACC

Nies Bay - Pagasitikos Gulf

A protected and beautiful bay on the Western side of the Gulf surrounded by steep Olive tree hills.
Distance from Volos - 17nm
Well sheltered, natural harbour
Many safe bays, anchorages
Close to Milina Village

Alatas Island - Pagasitikos Gulf

17 nautical miles south of Volos Alatas Island provides shelter and safe anchorages surrounded by the most striking and beautiful scenery
Distance from Volos - 12.5nm
Eastern side of Pagasitikos Gulf
GPS:39.16.33N 23.09.80E
Pilotage: Pages 44/45 WACC

Afissos - Pagasitikos Gulf

Afissos is an attractive village built in traditional ampitheatre style surrounded by 3 wonderful beaches.

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