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Volos - Pelion - Sporades - Aegean - Magnesia - Greece

Magnesia is Greece's best kept secret!
The Pelion mountain is the mythical land of the Centaurs
Northern Sporades (scattered) Islands ... Once the refuge of Pirates
The Pagasitikos Gulf is the place where Jason and the Argonauts set sail
Pelion is the place where the Gods of Olympus went on holiday
This is Magnesia

Magnesia & Pelion

Pagasitikos (Volos) Gulf

Sporades (scattered) Islands

This little-known region of Greece is the jewel in the crown, the land of the Argonauts from which the Argo set sail. Volos, Pelion and the Pagasitikos Gulf providing access to the West Aeagean sea area and the Northern Sporades Islands. Crystal clear waters and a good wind provided by the 'Meltemi' blowing from the NE, quiet bays and fishing villages, history to investigate and many islands to explore

What is the Sporades Secret?
Go sailing elsewhere with 1000's of others or here with just a few!
From a yachting point of view the West Aegean and the Northern Sporades Islands are a sailor's paradise.
Mild winds, warm clear blue sea, beautiful bays, traditional villages and harbours and delicious local cuisine.

"See below a window on our world ... Relax and take a look around"
If you look closely you will see amazing images of the ARGO REPLICA in action in the Pagasitikos Gulf.

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