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Volos Base & Skiathos Base Information

MIXit Sailing Holidays present a range of top quality yachts for charter from Volos marina or Skiathos harbour.
These well equipped and maintained yachts are available for Bareboat or Skippered charter.
For details on either base please click the link below:

Volos Base Information
Sporades Sailing Plans
Sporades Cruising Plans

Skiathos Base Information

We often transfer yachts between the bases when required so please request this.
If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

An extra days holiday from Volos ... maybe!:
If you arrive in Volos by early afternoon we can try and get you on you way by 17:00 so you can be somewhere nice for this first evening of your holiday. Whereas mostly, in other places, you will spend this evening in Port finishing check-in, shopping etc.. Also, if possible, we suggest you stay away on your last evening somewhere nice like Trikeri Island, Kotte or Pigadhi and then make your way back to Volos early morning having a sunrise cruise, a great way to finish your holiday. In other places you must be back to Port the afternoon before your end date to find a space. Volos is a great place to start and finish your holiday (conditions permitting) which adds up to an extra days holiday ... maybe!

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