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MIXit Sailing, Yacht Charter in Greece

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Learn to sail in the Pagasitikos Gulf

Volos, Pelion and the Pagasitikos Gulf provide the ideal base for a yacht sailing programme providing the large safe sailing area of the Pagasitikos Gulf in which to practice your skills, many places to visit, moor, anchor, stern/bows on practice in addition to all the practical sailing theory. With the option of venturing out to the Nothern Sporades or Evia.

This is an action packed yacht sailing course designed for the complete beginner or for the experienced skipper to practice Mediterranean yacht sailing skills in preparation to chartering a yacht.

This course is 7 days, Friday/Friday or Saturday/Saturday with sleeping on-board, we keep this flexible allowing for travelling to and from Greece over the weekends.

The course is a MIX of Competent Crew and Day Skipper level practice and is designed for the complete beginner to ‘check it all out’ and for Day Skipper to get trained on Mediterranean sailing skills providing sufficient experience to comfortably and safely charter a yacht in the Med. without worries.

Competent Crew in Greece

This is a basic introductory course for both the complete beginner and those who have had some experience of either dinghy sailing or cruising.

Day Skipper in Greece

This course will show you how to take command of the yacht for a short passage in daylight hours. This will involve planning the trip, briefing the crew, boat handling, navigation and many other skills. Ideally trained to Day Skipper level this will provide all the necessary practical training to make the next stage chartering your own yacht in the Med. without worries. This course will also include some night sailing experience.

There are no pre-course requirements. This is a training holiday with the emphasis on fun, action, experimentation and practice. Each course is expected to be a MIX of competencies allowing each individual to reach his/her expectations.

The Sailing Area - Pagasitikos Gulf

12 X 15 nm of clear, warm, blue sea. This is the ideal Mediterranean yacht sailing training area. Volos to the north, Mount Pelion to the east, Evia to the south, mainland Greece to the west and an abundance of beautiful islands and bays to explore. The Pagasitikos Gulf is relatively well protected although the conditions are often challenging and a MIXed bag of everything. You are surrounded by bays and fishing villages and Volos Port so you can practice all kinds of mooring, anchoring, picking up a buoy in preparation for taking command on your own bareboat charter sailing holiday.

What is and is not included

Included: Accommodation onboard and mooring fees.
Not included: Flights, transfers and travel/holiday insurance | Provisions, meals and drinks (we operate a ‘kitty’ system where 50 Euro’s a head will normally cover everything) | Fuel and Gas costs are split between to group/kitty | Please bring you own sailing gear, water proofs and sleeping bag (linen can be provided)

Objectives, Certificate & Log Book

The objective of the course is to learn through practice, experience, experimentation and fun with NO stress and NO competition it’s a training holiday. For the beginner it is the opportunity to experience yacht sailing with no pressure and to be taught up to Competent Crew standards. For the Skipper it is the opportunity to practice and develop your skills in a Mediterranean environment and to make you confident to charter a yacht, bareboat in the Med. You will receive a course completion certificate confirming sailing experience and competencies and your log books completed as required.