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Volos to Sporades Islands - 1 Week Cruising Plan

  • Volos
  • Skiathos Island
  • Skopelos Island
  • Alonissos Island
  • Kira Panagia
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Volos City Port

Volos itself is the fifth largest town in Greece and is framed by the stunning Mount Pelion. Unlike islands such as Skiathos, the region of Mount Pelion has not been touched by foreign tourism and remains a favourite place for Greeks to spend their holidays.

Volos' proximity to the Sporades islands, just 37 nautical miles, means that it is possible to reach the nearest island, Skiathos, in just 6-7 hours.

Volos City seafront at night

Pigadhi Harbour and Trikeri Harbour

If however, you would prefer to break the journey into two more manageable steps, a first night stopover at Pigadhi Harbour (picture below left) on the Southern tip of the gulf is to be recommended or maybe Palaio Trikeri Island (picture below right). Also, if you break the journey, you can spend a relaxing first day enjoying the light sea breeze that often blows in the Pagasitikos Gulf, rather than motoring at full speed to reach the islands before dark.

Presuming that the charter begins on Friday/Saturday, by the afternoon of Saturday/Sunday, you will be in the heart of the Sporades islands.

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Kira Panagia Planitis Bay

The first choice to make is whether you would like to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Skiathos, the most tourist-oriented island of the Archipelago, or whether you would rather set a direct course for the more tranquil islands of Skopelos and Alonissos. As you day sail eastwards, the level of tranquillity grows exponentially with every 10 nautical miles covered, until you reach the uninhabited island Kira Panagia. Here, you can anchor for the night and marvel at the spectacle of the Milky Way stretching from one horizon to the other.

Similar to the outward journey, you have the choice to make the trip back to Volos in one long journey, or to break it into two or three shorter legs, visiting some of the many anchorages and harbours that you bypassed on the way out.

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Trikeri Island view Pagasitkos Volos Greece

An excellent last night stopover is Palio Trikeri Island, lying just inside the Pagasitikos Gulf and leaving a short 2/3 hour hop in the morning to reach Volos.Or maybe you would prefer to spend the last night in Volos Harbour and enjoy the wealth of experiences offered within Greeces fifth largest city.

Trikeri Island view Pagasitkos Volos Greece


If you arrive in Volos by early afternoon we can try and get you on you way by 17:00 so you can be somewhere nice for this first evening whereas mostly, in other places, you will spend this evening in Port finishing check-in, shopping etc.. Also, if possible, we suggest you stay away on your last evening somewhere nice like Trikeri Island and then make your way back to Volos in the morning having a sunrise cruise. In other places you must be back to Port the afternoon before your end date to find a space. Volos is a great place to start and finish your holiday (conditions permitting) which adds up to an extra days holiday ... maybe!

Volos City Seafront - Yachts and cafes and bars