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Introduction To Mediterranean Sailing
In May 2016 we invited Laura and her team to join us for a week sailing around the Pagasitikos Gulf and Sporades Islands for a Mediterranean Sailing Skills course providing practice for many manoeuvres unique to the Med. that you wont find in an average RYA course.

Volos (Pagasitikos) Gulf & Sporades Islands - The Sailing Training Area
Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf is the ideal base for a yacht sailing training programme providing a large, safe and beautiful sailing area in which to practice your skills, mooring, anchoring, stern on practice in addition to practical sailing theory and many beautiful places to visit.

Reverse mooring with anchor - Line ashore to tree or rock - Safe anchoring techniques
We also covered many aspects of the RYA syllabus including; navigation, boat handling and passage planning to give confidence to go it alone and charter a yacht on you own.

Its not all work!
The Pagasitikos Gulf and the Sporades Islands provide the perfect setting for learning and for relaxing and finding out-of-the-way coves in which you can drop the anchor and have a swim. Beautiful locations and excellent Taverna's with traditional local food at local prices.

Practical Boat Owner - August 2016 Issue (see mini pic below)

Novice Day Skipper sets sail - Page 1

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