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MIXit Sailing Holidays In Greece, Sporades Yacht Charter

Volos Yacht Charter

  • Pagasitikos (Volos) Gulf, Magnesia Greece

    Volos lies at the northern tip of the Pagasitikos Gulf, an almost lake-like stretch of water, just 13 Nautical miles across and 15 long. On the southern tip of the gulf you will find the exit to the Aegean Sea and the Sporades islands, but before plotting a course for the hustle and bustle of Skiathos, lets explore the picturesque coast of the Gulf.

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  • Pelion Mountain, Magnesia, Greece

    Mount Pelion (1642m) bigger than Ben Nevis (1344m) warm, green and beautiful and full of history and places to explore. On the east side the Aegean sea and on the west side the Pagasitikos Gulf and 70+ villages, beaches and bays.

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  • Magnesia, Greece

    This little-known region of Greece is the jewel in the crown, the land of the Argonauts from which the Argo set sail. Volos, Pelion and the Pagasitikos Gulf providing access to the West Aeagean sea area and the Northern Sporades Islands.

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