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MIXit Sailing Yacht Charter Holidays - Greece, Specialists in the Sporades (Aegean) Islands

Sporades Area Information

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Magnesia Greece - Where is it?

Discover the Magnesia Secret ... All the beauty of Greece without the crowds!

Volos - Magnesia - Greece

The city of Volos lies at the foot of the Pelion Mountain and and the northern tip of the Pagasitikos Gulf

Pelion Mountain - Magnesia - Greece

The summer residence of the Gods of Olympus ... and you can come too!

Pagasitikos (Volos) Gulf - Magnesia - Greece

12 x 15 nm of crystal clear, warm, safe sea. Volos in the north, Pelion to the east, Evia channel to the south and mainland Greece to the west. The Pagasitikos Gulf is the gateway to the Northern Sporades Islands.

Sporades Islands - Magnesia - Greece

The hidden jewel in the Aegean crown. 24 islands, 5 inhabited and the deserted islands National Marine Park

Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonissos - Skyros and the outer Sporades (deserted) Islands Peristera, Kira Panaya, Skantzora...
These are a unique set of islands and each has its own characteristic charm.

The Northern Sporades offer unique conditions for an Aegean paradise with a more temperate climate, green wooded hills and clear blue warm sea and a mild 'Meltemi' wind (for the sailers) with many islands, quiet bays and villages to discover. This is the land of Jason and the Argonautes and the Pirates of the Aegean...

The Northern Sporades Islands are located in the north-west of the Aegean Sea and are only a short distance from Volos.
It is a sailors pardise of numerous islands, countless bays and harbours, sheltered ancorages and idyllic beaches.
The cosmopolitan Skiathos, the lush green Skopelos and Alonnisos with its unique flora and fauna and then the outer 'deserted' islands, the Greek National Marine Park.