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Volos Travel Information

How to get to Volos

Where is Volos?

Volos is in the mid-eastern side of Greece and you have many choices of how to get here (see Google map below).

By air to Nea Anchialos Airport and then by road to Volos in 20 min.
By air to Skiathos Airport and from there by ferry to Volos (2 hrs 30 min) or 1 hr 30 min by flying dolphin.
By road from the borders: Evzoni to Volos 280km, Eidomeni to Volos 320km.
By ferry boat from abroad to the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patras and from there by road.
By air via the Athens and Thessaloniki airports and from there by road or rail:
From Athens to Volos by intercity bus in 4 hrs (324km).
From Thessaloniki to Volos by intercity bus in 2 hrs 30 mins (216km).
From Athens to Volos by rail in 4 hrs 30 min.
From Thessaloniki to Volos by rail in 3 hrs 30 min.

Important note: All flight information is for helpful reference only and is subject to change please check with the airline

Flights to Volos (Neo Anchialos Airport):
The most direct air route to Volos is via Volos International Airport otherwise know as Nea Anchialos National Airport which is about 20mins by road from Volos City. This airport carries a growing number of international flights and from here, you can catch a local bus, taxi or pick up a hire car to get you to Volos. Airport / Volos Bus service operates daily.

New for 2020 easyJet direct flights to Volos from London Gatwick

www.easyjet.co.uk - Low cost flights to UK-Gatwick to Volos from June to September on Wednesdays & Saturdays

www.charterflights.co.uk - Flights UK-Gatwick to Volos on Saturdays

www.tuifly.be - Flights Belgium-Brussels to Volos on Saturday and Wednesday

www.austrian.com - Flights Austria-Vienna to Volos on Saturdays

www.transavia.com - Flights Holland-Amsterdam to Volos on Fridays

www.condor.com - Flights Germany-Munich to Volos on Saturdays

Travelling to Volos via Thessaloniki and Athens main airports:

www.britishairways.com - Regular flights to Athens.

www.easyjet.co.uk - Regular flights to Thessaloniki

www.aegeanair.com - Flights to Athens & Thessaloniki

www.lufthansa.com - Flights to Athens & Thessaloniki

www.tui.co.uk - Flights to Thessaloniki

Transfer to Volos by road or rail:

Greece has a very comprehensive, road, rail and bus network as you would expect so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any specific questions. For general information see below:

From Athens to Volos by intercity bus in 4 hours and 30 min (324km).
From Thessaloniki to Volos by intercity bus in 3 hours (216km).
From Athens to Volos by rail in 4 hours and 45 min.
From Thessaloniki to Volos by rail 3 hours.

KTEL Intercity Bus: KTEL operate a very efficient coach service from Athens and Thessaloniki. KTEL Website in English

Hire Car: In addition to the intercity coach you can also organise a hire car and drive up/down to Volos

Private Transfer: You can organise a private Taxi/Bus transfer so please contact us for further advice.