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MIXit Sailing Holidays in Greece, Aegean Yacht Charter

Sailing Areas - Achillio

The Pagasitikos Gulf or Evia Island and beyond to the Sporades Islands

About Achillio
Achillio is quiet and beautiful village with everthing you need, shops, supermarket, bakery, bars and cafes and tavernas. Opposite we have lazyline mooring for the yachts.

The Cruising Area: The Pagasitikos Gulf, Trikeri Channel and Northern Evia
From the Achillio base (1) you can head east towards Skiathos (2) and the Sporades islands or north from Ormos Ptelou into the Pagasitikos Gulf and Volos (3) or south into the northern Gulf of Evia (4) so this is very central point from which to explore the area. Approximately 22nm to Skiathos and the same to Volos and about the same to get to the northern end of the Gulf of Evia.

Flights connection to Achillio
Volos (Nea Anchialos) Airport is about 20mins by road from Achillio. This airport carries a growing number of international charter flights and from here you can get a taxi or we can offer our personal airport transfer service. We can pick you up from Volos (Neo Anchialos) airport for transfer to your yacht in Achillio base. For more details see our Achillio Travel Information.
***The Star on the map above shows the approximate location of Volos Neo Anchialos Airport

Where to find your yacht
As you can see in picture above our yachts are moored along the Paralia or quay side in front of the shops and cafe's. Mooring is stern-to on the quayside on the fixed 'lazy' line moorings.

Provisioning & Checkin/out
We will keep this as brief as possible but clearly a comprehensive checkin is always required. Whilst this is being done we can send a party off for provisioning and we will suggest the best place(s) to go.

Once paperwork, checkin, discussion on the sailing plan/area, questions ect are answered you will be free to go. Sometimes this can be the same day and sometimes you may have to spend the evening in Achillio, it all depends on time, weather and you.

An extra days holiday from Achillio ... maybe?

If you arrive in Volos/Achillio by early afternoon we can try and get you on you way by 17:00 so you can be somewhere nice for this first evening of your holiday. Whereas in other places, you will spend this evening in Port finishing check-in, shopping etc.. Also, if possible, we suggest you stay away on your last evening somewhere nice like Trikeri Island, Pigadhi and then make your way back to Achillio early morning having a sunrise cruise, a great way to finish your holiday. In other places you must be back to Port the afternoon before your end date to find a space. Achillio is a great place to start and finish your holiday (conditions permitting) which adds up to an extra days holiday ... maybe!