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MIXit Sailing Yacht Charter Holidays - Greece, Specialists in the Sporades (Aegean) Islands

Sailing Areas - Achillio

Achillio direct to the Sporades Islands

About Achillio
Achillio is in the south west side of the Pagasitikos Gulf in the deepest point of Ormos Ptelou or Ptelou bay GPS 39.00.76N 22.58.00E. Achillio is about a 50 min drive south from Volos City and about 20 min from Volos (Nea Anchialos) Airport. Most importantly, we can offer an airport transfer service and can organise personal transfer services from Volos (Neo Anchialos), Thessaloniki or Athens airports to your yacht in Achillio base. Please contact us for more information.

The Cruising Area: The Sporades Islands on your doorstep.
The the Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros) islands are all remarkable destinations that offer excellent sailing conditions. In the map shown below the Achillio base location is 1 and Skiathos Island (the gateway to the Sporades) is 2 and Volos is 3 and Volos (Neo Anchialos) is shown with a 'star'. As you can see the airport is not far from the base and Skiathos is just a pleasnt daysail away.

Flights connection to Volos airport
Please check our travel information pages and/or see your local travel agent.

Where to find your yacht
As you can see in picture above the yachts are moored in the marina close to of the shops and cafe's. Mooring is stern-to on the quayside on fixed 'lazy' line moorings.

Provisioning & Checkin/out
We will keep this as brief as possible but a comprehensive checkin is always required. Whilst this is being done we can send a party off for provisioning and we will suggest the best place(s) to go.

Once paperwork, checkin, discussion on the sailing plan/area, questions ect are answered you will be free to go. Sometimes this can be the same day and sometimes you may have to spend the evening in Achillio, it all depends on time, weather and you.

Our Yachts
At our Achillio base we have a growing range of yachts, see top right of this page for more information