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Sailing Areas - Skiathos Sporades

Yacht Charter from Skiathos Sporades Greece

Skiathos Island and beyond to the Northern Sporades Islands

About Skiathos
Skiathos is 12km long and 9km wide and has more than 60 beaches. It is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands whilst still preserving its traditional charm and heritage. Skiathos is located at lat/long 39°10' N 23°29' E. Is a very green island covered by a thick pine forest and considered a protected environment. The Greek island of Skiathos forms part of the Northern Sporades islands which is a marine sanctuary and provides access to the best sailing in Greece.

Flights & Ferries to Skiathos
Many international flights fly direct to Skiathos and operate between April and October from many European airports, sometimes 15+ flights arrive daily. Please check ouo travel information pages and/or see your local travel agent. From the airport to the marina takes about 5/10mins by taxi at a cost of about 20 Euro and they will be waiting for you as you come out of the airport. Many ferries and hydrofoils are arriving from Agios Konstantinos, Volos or Thessaloniki, it is easy to get to Skiathos from Volos by ferry or by Flying Dolphin (hydrofoil). For more details see our Skiathos Travel Information

Where to find your yacht
Skiathos Marina, shown in picture above is where you will find your yacht either along the Paralia or quay side (left side of pic) in front of the shops or directly ahead you can see the wooden pontoon where many of the charter boats are moored. We will advise of a meeting place usually in one of the cafes. Mooring is stern-to or bows-to on the quayside beyond the ferry boats or on the pontoon where you will find 'lazy' lines. You can also anchor in the bay but make sure you stay away from the prohibited area under the flight path. The bottom is mud, sand and weed and offers good holding.

Provisioning/Banks & Checkin/out
We will keep this as brief as possible but clearly a comprehensive checkin is always required. Whilst this is being done we can send a party off for provisioning. Skiathos has a number of supermarkets and we will suggest the best place(s) to go. They are only a short walk away and some supermarkets provide a 'ride back' service where you and your shopping will be dropped off as close to the boat as they can get. Bank Transactions: In Skiathos you can find several banks. Banks are open between 08.00 - 13.30 Monday to Friday and they all provide ATM's. Also at the marina you can find a 24hr cash machine.

Once paperwork, checkin, discussion on the sailing plan/area, questions ect are answered you will be free to go. Sometimes this can be the same day and sometimes you may have to spend the evening in Skiathos, it all depends on time, weather and you.