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Sailing Areas - Volos Sporades

Yacht Charter from Volos Sporades Greece

The Pagasitikos Gulf and beyond to the Northern Sporades Islands

About Volos
Volos is a viberant and modern city with tavernas and cafes on the waterfront opposite the yachts where you can enjoy the famous "tsipouradika" (places that offer the local version of ouzo) with great sea food. You have access to a wide range of shops and provisioning is made easy and cost effective with a number to large supermarkets. Volos is at the base of the beautiful Pelion mountain peninsular and is the gateway to the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Northern Sporades Islands.

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The Cruising Area: The Pagasitikos Gulf, Trikeri Channel and Northern Evia and on to the Sporades Islands
With Volos City to the north, the Mount Pelion peninsular to the east, the Evia Island and channel to the south and mainland Greece to the west and an abundance of beautiful islands to explore, Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf is a great place to start your sailing holiday. To the south we have Palaio Trikeri and Pithou Island with wonderful views of the Trickeri peninsula. To the south-west Ormos Ptelou at the foot of Mount Pteleos with the villages of Ahillion and Pigadhi and from here you can exit the Pagasitikos Gulf along the Trikei channel either east towards Skiathos or west to go south around Evia Island.

Flights to Volos
Volos (Nea Anchialos) Airport is about 20mins by road from Volos City. This airport carries a growing number of international flights and from here you can catch a local bus, taxi or pick up a hire car to get you to Volos where we will meet you. Airport to Volos Bus service operates daily. For more details see our Volos Travel Information.

Where to find your yacht
You will find your yacht along the main Paralia or quayside in marin area A or B as shown below. We will advise of a meeting place usually in one of the cafes. Mooring is normally stern to in the marina all with fixed 'lazy lines' mooring positions..

Map of Volos Harbour

Parking & Bus Station
We can organise secure parking close to the yachts in the car park on the main ferry pier between Marina A and Marina B. This is a public car park for hourly parking but they also offer a daily/weekly rate for longer term parking. Or we have the new Cityzen Parking Volos (see Car Parking) and you can find more details here https://www.cityzen.com.gr/en/cityzen-volos-port-customs/ . This is a great solution for yacht charter customers providing good rates for 1 or 2 weeks in secure parking area. Also, for those arriving by bus note the location of Volos bus station.

Provisioning & Checkin/out
We will keep this as brief as possible but clearly a comprehensive checkin is always required. Whilst this is being done we can send a party off for provisioning. Volos has a number of supermarkets and we will suggest the best place(s) to go. Some are only a short walk away and for the larger supermarkets we can provide a drop off and pick service where you and your shopping will be dropped off as close to your yacht as we can get.

Once paperwork, checkin, discussion on the sailing plan/area, questions etc. are answered you will be free to go. Sometimes this can be the same day and sometimes you may have to spent the evening in Volos, it all depends on time, weather and you.

An extra days holiday from Volos ... maybe?
If you arrive in Volos by early afternoon we can try and get you on you way by 17:00 so you can be somewhere nice for this first evening of your holiday. Whereas in other places, you will spend this evening in Port finishing check-in, shopping etc.. Also, if possible, we suggest you stay away on your last evening somewhere nice like Trikeri Island, Kotte or Pigadhi and then make your way back to Volos early morning having a sunrise cruise, a great way to finish your holiday. In other places you must be back to Port the afternoon before your end date to find a space. Volos is a great place to start and finish your holiday which adds up to an extra days holiday ... maybe! (conditions permitting)

Suggested Itineraries from Volos - One week – Kyra Panagia and back
Day 1: Skiathos - Day 2: Alonnisos - Day 3: Kira Panagia - Day 4: Skopelos - Day 5: Peuki - Day 6: Trikeri Day 7: Check out

Suggested Itineraries from Volos - Two week – Skyros and back
Day 1: Orei - Day 2: Skiathos - Day 3: Skopelos - Day 4: Alonnisos - Day 5: Kyra Panagia - Day 6: Skatzoura - Day 7: Skyros
Day 8: Kimi - Day 9: Alonnisos - Day 10: Skopelos - Day 11: Skiathos - Day 12: Achillio - Day 13: Milina - Day 14: Check-out