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MIXit Sailing, Yacht Charter in Greece

Sailing Areas

Sailing Holidays in Volos Greece

Volos is a viberant and modern city with tavernas and cafes on the waterfront opposite the yachts where you can enjoy the famous "tsipouradika" (places that offer the local version of ouzo) with great sea food.

Sailing Holidays in Skiathos Greece

Skiathos is 12km long and 9km wide and has more than 60 beaches. It is one of the most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands whilst still preserving its traditional charm and heritage.

Sailing Holidays in Achillio Greece

Our Achillio base is not far from Volos (Neo Anchialos) airport and we can provide transfers to the base if required. From this base you can go direct to Skiathos and on to explore Sporades Islands.

Sailing Holidays in Chalkidiki Greece

Our Chalkidiki base at Nikiti marina is not far from Thessaloniki main airport and we can provide a roundtrip airport transfer to the base if required. From this base you can explore Northern Aegean sea area.